Fiona Hughes
Chief Operations Officer, Kidicorp Ltd
Fiona Hughes, Chief Operations Officer, Kidicorp Ltd

Fiona Hughes is the chief operations officer of Kidicorp Ltd, which is an early childhood education provider that offers stimulating programs and classes at nurseries, preschools, as well as afterschool programs. Kidicorp programs teach the highly researched early childhood curricula, Te Whariki, which zeros in or social and educational skills children should learn by preschool. As the chief operations officer, Ms. Hughes is responsible for developing the strategic direction of the organization, and ensuring that 15,000 children have the access to the education they need. In the coming years, Ms. Hughes would like continue to expand the services provided by Kidicop and become the chief executive officer of the organization.

Fiona Hughes
Chief Operations Officer
Kidicorp Ltd,
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